2013 Miss Teen Sacramento

The 2013 Miss Teen Sacramento pageant competition has three areas of competition namely: the Personal Interview; the Casual Wear competition; and the Formal Wear competition. In all three stages of the pageant, young aspirants are taught to enjoy being themselves and to let their youthful spirit and courage see them through.


About 2013 Miss Teen Sacramento

Serving as a remarkable setting to highlight the uniqueness of every young lady of Sacramento, the 2013 Miss Teen Sacramento pageant competition has consistently upheld the social significance of beauty pageants. Accepting candidates into 4 different age groups, the 2013 Miss Teen Sacramento pageant competition is composed of the following age categories: Junior Pre-teens, for girls ages 7 thru 9; Pre-teens, for girls ages 10 to 12; Junior Teens, for girls ages 13 to 15; and Teens, for girls ages 16 to 19. Promising young aspirants get a good shot at bagging the crown and an expense-paid trip to Orlando, Florida for a chance to compete for thousands of dollars in cash scholarships. Those who are able to show their individuality through all three stages of competition also receive a fair chance at being recognized for their determination to succeed: the Personal Interview, during which the girls engage in conversation with every member of the panel of judges and try to impress the judges with their natural charm, wit, and ability to express themselves; the Casual Wear competition, at which stage the candidates put on casual or sports apparel of their choice and perform modeling routines to project their unique personality to the audience; the Formal Wear phase, where the contestants show off their winning form in their evening gown or party dress. The judges in the 2013 Miss Teen Sacramento pageant competition all aim to find the elusive qualities of youthful spirit, determination, apparent individuality, zest for life, and love for self and others. Serving as an effective setting for self-discovery and self-acceptance, the 2013 Miss Teen Sacramento pageant competition can also be a great vehicle for young girls to form strong bonds with others in the larger community they belong to despite being in the midst of competition.
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